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The Au Rosa plum is a large fruit with amber flesh, and a big flavor that ripens in June. The sweet pulp of the Au Rosa plum is as smooth as melted butter. The Au Rosa Plum tree produces large plum fruit with a small seed. Au Rosa. AU Rosa receives top ratings for flavor, production and disease resistance in Auburn University Alabama trials. Excellent flavor and texture ratings, and highly disease resistant to all common plum diseases. It is similar to, but. AU Rosa Plum Zone 7-9 AU Rosa is an excellent quality plum, self-fruitful and sets a heavy crop. It is a vigorous upright tree that is long lived. Self-pollinating. AU. AU-Rosa is a new plum cultivar developed by the Ala-bama Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn University, for growing in areas receiving at least 700 hours of chilling temperature below 45 F. The new cultivar was a cross. AU Rosa Plum AU Rosa a new cultivar from Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station, Auburn University. Upright with dark green leaves, vigorous, disease resistant and long lived. Self fertile, flowers profusely and sets a heavy crop.

The AU Rosa plum tree Auburn University Rosa plum tree This vigorous plum tree cultivar was named by Dr. J.D. Norton of the horticulture department at Auburn University in Alabama. The deep red plum skin also has an interior. Au Rosa A dark red plum, medium to large in size, with red flesh. Trees are very vigorous, spreading and moderately productive. Propagated Rootstocks:. Maturity Chart Use this list to help choose fruit trees which yield fruit at. 2009/08/17 · Identifying and Treating Tomato Diseases: Blossom End Rot BER, Early Blight, Leaf Spot - Duration: 12:14. Gary Pilarchik The Rusted Garden 129,985 views. AU Rosa This plum is the highest ranked of the AU series of plums in disease resistance to bacterial spot, black knot, scald and brown rot. With all the flavorful attributes of Santa Rosa, these firm dark red fruit have a saffron yellow.

2018/11/27 · The "Santa Rosa" plum tree Prunus salicina "Santa Rosa" is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. The tree requires 400 chill hours and works well as a pollenizer for other plum. The Santa Rosa plum tree requires major pruning during the first few years of its growth. But, it's easier than it sounds. Gardenerdy tells you how to prune a Santa Rosa plum tree, to.

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